Skype Meetings

Sometimes driving and parking in downtown St. Paul is just not what you want to do, so I am offering up meetings via Skype so we can chat about your legal issues as conveniently as possible.  Email or call to schedule a Skype session.

Warning to Condominium owners renting units for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis

If you own a condominium unit in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have great plans to rent it out for the Super Bowl LII, beware.  Many Association’s are warning their owners of steep penalties if the units are rented for this event and you may jeopardize the ability for your condominium project to qualify for FHA financing.  Read this article and learn more:



Caregiving support in Minnesota

I found a recent article in AARP’s Bulletin of interest for Minnesota residents:

The proposed legislation would require hospitals to train family caregivers so that when your loved one is released from hospital care, you have some training on how to care for them.  How often have we all been in the situation of leaving a medical facility a bit perplexed as to what needs to happen next?  Follow the debate this coming legislative session.


Probate is a legal proceeding that may be necessary to properly transfer assets of a decedent to their family members or third parties.   If the value of a person’s estate  does not exceed $75,000, there may be a way to accomplish the transfer of assets without filing a probate action with the Court.  Every situation is unique, so consult with an attorney before acting when dealing with a loved one’s estate.

Radon Disclosure

As of January 1, 2014, if you are selling a home in Minnesota you must provide
a Radon disclosure notice.  Radon is a silent killer.  There are ways to
detect radon in your home and ways to abate the problem.  For more
information check out the Minnesota Department of Health’s website: